Here Is Video Of Eddy Curry Throwing Down An Alley-Oop. No, Seriously. Eddy Curry.

  • Tom Lorenzo

I’m not sure you can draw this play up. Not because you couldn’t fool the defense. On the contrary. You couldn’t draw it up because I’m not sure anyone had any idea that Eddy Curry could get up and dunk the ball. Not the same lazy, overweight Eddy Curry who breaks a sweat just watching the game from the bench.

The great thing about this moment is that Curry, who was once the 4th overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, got the Brian Scalabrine treatment from his teammates on the bench. It was as if they saw, well, Eddy Curry dunk a ball. Great job by LeBron James and company. Watch:

To be fair, this was agains the New Jersey Nets and it happened late in the 4th quarter when the Heat were already up by 40 points. So, it’s not as if it happened during a meaningful moment in a close game, or anything like that. At least Scalabrine sees gets burn when the Bulls are only up by 20 points.

[via Reddit]