Emeka Okafor, Mensch

  • Glenn Davis

Usually, acknowledging a fan as you run off the floor means extending a hand to reciprocate their high five offer. That was what one Wizards fan, basking in the immediate afterglow of his favorite team’s first win of the season last night, planned on doing. Then, though, things took a turn for the worse: he got a little too eager. Luckily, just like he does on the glass, Emeka Okafor was there to clean up the mess – and in so doing, interact with the man in a slightly different way:

Many fans have high fived a player. Far fewer fans (we’re pretty sure about this, anyway) have been rescued from an embarrassing fall by a player. Having watched the video a few times now, we’re not sure that the guy would have fallen had Okafor not propped him back up, but he’d have been in a precarious position, and a fall – at beast – would not have been pleasant. The fan, in recounting his story, might have been too embarrassed to share his name, but he at least has the knowledge that someone he roots for night in and night out is a solid guy. As little as that has to do with our rooting interests, it’s a cool thing to know.

[The Basketball Jones]