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ESPN Throws Deron Williams At The Bottom Of Their #NBARank List

ESPN Throws Deron Williams At The Bottom Of Their #NBARank List
  • Jake O'Donnell

Deron Williams precipitous dropoff has been well-documented. After all, there aren’t many players in the NBA who get $100 million deals as perennial All-Stars then disappear. That’s a baseball thing. Hell, that happens in the NFL more than it does in the NBA. But Deron Williams defied convention and managed to average less than one PPG more as a max player than he did as an up-and-coming point guard with the Utah Jazz between 2005 and 2010. His lack of scoring doesn’t even tell half the story of his epic fall from grace.

He had more assists in 2008-09 (862) than he did in the last two seasons combined (392, 448).

In 2011, ESPN’s preseason individual NBA rankings had D-Will as the 9th best player in the league. In 2012 he was 10th. In 2013 he was 17th. Last season he was 55th. This year he’s 114th, sandwiched between 35-year-old power forward David West and Celtics power forward Amir Johnson — who was drafted 53 spots behind Williams in 2005. Johnson has made $52 million in his 11-year NBA career. Deron Williams made $54 million over the last three years.

Let this sink in for a second…

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[Via ESPN]

Jake O'Donnell

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