Even Jay Z And Beyonce Were In Awe Of How God Damn Spectacular LeBron James Was Last Night

  • Eric Goldschein

lebron jamesYou may have heard the story of, or seen some of the crazy headlines regarding, Jay Z getting kicked and punched by his wife’s sister in an elevator. It’s a big story, because they are famous people and when famous people do regular people things, it shocks us and simultaneously makes us feel better.

Hoping to take a break from thinking about their family problems, Jay and wife Beyonce went to the Nets game in Brooklyn last night. This turned out to be a good call, as they were witnesses to one of the greatest playoff performances of all time, put on by LeBron James. Shame they were rooting for the Nets though.

Anyway, enough tabloid drama. You knew LeBron was good — did you know he was this good? Of course you did, but here’s more proof in the form of every made basket from his 49-point performance last night. LeBron’s game lifted the Heat to a 102-96 Game 4 victory and a commanding 3-1 series lead (he had 14 free throws to go along with 16 made field goals):

Unlike the old days of LeBron, when most of his points came on mid-range jumpers and basket attacks, May 12, 2014 LeBron hit from everywhere. He scored in the post; he bombed it from way downtown; he bodied to the hoop; he was magnificent both in transition and as the shot clock expired. His 49 points are a Heat franchise playoff record, tying his own high score.

As always, these highlights are even better in Phantom:

Four years ago, LeBron toyed with the idea of coming to Brooklyn, back when his basketball legacy was still in question and Jay Z was the team’s part owner. No doubt that alternate reality crossed both their minds as they locked eyes here:

lebron bey jay

Unfortunately for the Nets, the only reality we know is the current one, and they’re one loss away from another expensive, LeBron-less season down the drain.