Extreme Makeover, Lounge Edition: Paul Pierce Spruces Up His High School

  • SportsGrid Staff

No, the Celtics’ Paul Pierce wouldn’t be the first person we’d expect to appear on an HGTV design show. But since he launched an initiative, Truth on Health, to promote healthy lifestyles among young people, we suppose it only makes sense that he’s now appearing on a program allowing him to promote…well, exactly that. Saturday at 10 p.m., Pierce will appear on Home by Novogratz, a show starring a couple with seven kids (Robert and Cortney Plus Seven? [sorry]) that takes on a new design project each week. This task: make a student-athlete lounge out of a storage room at Pierce’s alma mater, Inglewood (Ca.) High. Sadly, Will the team achieve the design the high schoolers would undoubtedly view as the coolest: a button to summon Pierce himself at any time? That remains to be seen.