Fallon Roasts The 76ers As They Tie The Record For Longest Losing Streak

  • Jake O'Donnell

Well, it happened — the 2014 Philadelphia 76ers made history: After losing to the Rockets Thursday night, they’re now tied for the worst losing streak in NBA history. They’ll face the Detroit Pistons tonight, and try to salvage their integrity one last time before they’re condemned to eternal suffering in the NBA’s version of Dante’s ninth circle of hell.

Here’s who they’ll be sharing a cell with:

[Via WaPo]

Longest losing streaks in NBA history

Cleveland Cavaliers 26 12/20/2010 – 2/9/2011
Philadelphia 76ers 26 1/31/2014 – 3/27/2014
Vancouver Grizzlies 23 2/16/1996 – 4/2/1996
Denver Nuggets 23 12/9/1997 – 1/23/1998
Charlotte Bobcats 23 3/19/2012 – 4/26/2012

Ahh, the Vancouver Grizzlies — the perennial first team you’d play in the NBA Hang Time arcade mode. We remember it like it was yesterday. Speaking of remembering, Fallon roasted this year’s epic cellar dwellers on The Tonight Show, which we hope the Sixers do not see, as they will never remember what it felt like to be taken seriously, again.