Not Cool, Fan Who Tried To Grab LeBron’s Headband Off His Head As He Walked Off The Floor

  • Glenn Davis

You might not like LeBron James. A lot of people still don’t. Maybe you’re still bitter about him leaving the Cavs. Maybe you’re still irritated over how he did it. Maybe you just never liked him and he still rubs you the wrong way. All well and good – but you do have to admit he puts up with a not-insignificant amount of crap. Not just getting fouled on the court because sometimes that’s the only way opponents can combat his physical dominance – and that does happen (though you might not love how he deals with it, and if not: fair enough) – but stuff like this. And this. And, following last night’s streak-breaking loss to the Bulls, this:

Yes, just like Jon Hamm never imagined being a well-known actor would lead to people talking about his penis constantly, this sort of thing is a bit beyond normal “cost of being in the public eye” territory. Boo the guy, trash talk him, make all the jokes you want about the receding hairline it covers up – but damn it, that headband should still be sacred. Great night for Bulls fans in general, obviously… but this wasn’t their finest moment. Gif below, by CJ Fogler: