Scandal! That “Thunder Fan” Who Hit The Halfcourt Shot At Last Night’s Game Isn’t Such A Thunder Fan After All

  • Glenn Davis

If you watched SportsCenter this morning, perhaps you caught this moment at halftime of the Thunder-Lakers game last night, when a high school teacher in the Oklahoma City suburb of Del City named Heath Kufahl hit a halfcourt shot and won $20,000:

Nice shot – and even nicer story behind it, as it turned out, which SportsCenter also delved into. Kufahl’s wife Jenni has cancer, and that means the money the couple won (Jenni participated – albeit reluctantly – in an earlier round of the contest) can help pay the bills. A Thunder fan hitting a halfcourt shot to win 20 grand in front of a cheering crowd at halftime of a Thunder game? The script is too good.

And it’s too good because it’s also a FILTHY LIE. Thankfully, the Orange County Register’s Kevin Ding uncovered the unseemly truth:

“Don’t tell anybody”? Too late, Heath – jig’s up. We all know your deal. So, nice shot. Enjoy your $20k. Enjoy it as much as you enjoyed DECEIVING US ALL.