Nothing To See Here, Just Two Random Dudes Sitting On The Dallas Mavericks’ Bench Drinking Beers

  • Tom Lorenzo

The Internet was on fire tonight, when video of two unknown gentlemen, who happened to be wearing some “fly gear,” were spotted sitting on the Dallas Mavericks bench drinking beers. Yes, they were literally sitting between Mavs’ guards Delonte West and Vince Carter. Once the photos and the video started to make the rounds, everyone wanted to know just who these dudes were and, more importantly, how they got to sit on the team’s bench. Here’s the video, courtesy of Busted Coverage:

Yes, a confusing moment indeed. That was, until our friends over at Larry Brown Sports solved the mystery! Here’s what they found out:

It turns out the fans in question are Aaron Cohen, a fashion designer who runs a clothing company called Revive, and a guy who goes by Chris Smokes on Twitter. Cohen is from the Michigan area, so we’re guessing the seats came from the Pistons, not Mark Cuban or the Mavericks.

There you have it! That still doesn’t answer the question of how they got there, but knowing who these guys are is a pretty good start.

[Larry Brown Sports, via Busted Coverage]