Former Lakers Fan Paul Pierce Can’t Handle T-Mac’s Magic Johnson Hot Take

Former Lakers Fan Paul Pierce Can’t Handle T-Mac’s Magic Johnson Hot Take
  • Tanya Ray Fox

Now that Paul Pierce is officially retired, he is making the rounds as an analyst – a job he seems quite suited for in his post-NBA life. However that doesn’t mean that he’s fully prepared for the number of hot takes that happen on a daily basis in the world of sports punditry.

On Thursday, the future Hall of Famer got a crash course in what it’s like to debate basketball with Tracy McGrady. During his appearance on ESPN’s “The Jump” hosted by Rachel Nichols, Pierce, McGrady and fellow guest Scottie Pippen were tasked with rehashing an age old discussion: is it fair to compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan?

There aren’t many ways to change someone’s mind on that particular issue, which is why it usually ends in an unfulfilling stalemate. This time though, Pierce came through in the clutch (as he does) with an interesting question: has LeBron passed Magic?

For Pierce – a Los Angeles native who grew up a Lakers fan – LeBron can’t have passed Jordan all-time if he hasn’t even passed Magic. But it becomes evident quite quickly that the answer that Pierce received from T-Mac was not was he was expecting to hear, and it’s pretty entertaining.

Tanya Ray Fox

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