Man In Ridiculous Hat Wants To Be On All-Star Team

  • Tom Lorenzo

Maybe the whole Jeremy Lin craze isn’t doing it for you. Perhaps you’re not an “elitist” and rooting for a Harvard grad just doesn’t fit into your narrative. Fair enough. Might we, however, suggest you turn your attention to Minnesota Timberwolves big man Nikola Pekovic?

If giant-sized, hard-working, scary looking dudes is more your thing, then Pekovic is definitely the way to go. And, to be honest, while he’s far from being a household name, he’s no novelty basketball player either (think, Brian Scalabrine). Over the month of February, the 2008 second-round draft pick is averaging 16 points and 10 rebounds per game, starting at center alongside Kevin Love.

The Timberwolves seem pretty psyched about their newly-slotted starting center, and now have put together a funny little video called “Where In The World Is Nikola Pekovic,” placing him in a safari cap and shooting him in front of some world famous landmarks. Seriously. Hey, Minnesota, if this is how you wish to introduce him to the masses, so be it. Check it out:

[via Ball Don’t Lie]