WATCH: Openly-Gay Former NBA Player Says He “Terrified” Homophobes

  • Dan Fogarty

John Amaechi, the only openly-gay man to have ever played in the NBA, sat down with The Big Think to discuss his experiences while playing in the league, and what it was like for him to come out.

“There was this 15 percent minority that was so weirded out by it. You know they looked at me and they looked at this body and they just thought ‘How can that be gay? And if that is gay that is terrifying. You know he is massive and he is black and he is gay,’ and it was like any more things and the world would explode.”

Amaechi came out in 2007, after he was done playing, when he released his memoir bestselling memoir “Man in the Middle.”

[John Amaechi: Former NBA Player, Psychologist] The Big Think