Genius Move: Bucks Play The Barney Theme To Introduce Raptors

  • Rick Chandler

So the Raptors-Bucks series shifted to Milwaukee on Thursday, where NBA fans got to see what playing on your home floor is really all about.

How could you not laugh when the Raptors were introduced to the Barney theme song at the Bradley Center?
Someone on the Bucks’ technical staff deserves a raise pronto. Result: Milwaukee played like one happy family, drubbing Toronto 104-77. The Bucks now lead the series 2-1.

Khris Middleton scored 20 points for Milwaukee. No one on Toronto scored more than 13.

I’m not leading this with the Cavs and you can’t make me

LeBron James scored 41 points as Cleveland came back from a 26-point deficit — 25 at halftime — to steal another one from Indiana, 119-114. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were pretty much in cease all motor functions mode, but LeBron led the resurgence by shootng 51.9 percent from the floor and getting a triple-double.

Twitter is going nuts over LeBron: tearful posts are declaring him the greatest of all time, and challenging those who disagree with mortal combat. In fact the last time a species got so excited with an individual was when this happened:


OK, settle down folks — we’re talking about the freaking Pacers here. Take a breath. Indiana invents new ways to lose seemingly every day. Do this against the Bucks or the Spurs and we’ll talk.

This is fun, though:

Vancouver grizzlies grind one out

After losing 10 straight to the Spurs, Memphis solved the puzzle — secretly imagining that they play in Canada once again. The Grizzlies won, 105-94, to trim San Antonio’s series lead to 2-1. Guess they really are done getting rooked.

Friday schedule

7 p.m. ET, Celtics at Bulls, ESPN (TV).

9:30 p.m. ET, Rockets at Thunder, ESPN (TV).

10 p.m. ET, Clippers at Jazz, ESPN2 (TV).