Gerald Green Windmill Dunked The Ball So Hard The Floor Changed Color

  • Eric Goldschein

gerald green windmill dunkThe Phoenix Suns are off to a surprising 5-2 start after everyone (including I, me, the writer) put them down as one of the league’s worst teams. And there’s still plenty of time for them to be terrible. But so far, they’re winning, and looking good while doing it.

Here’s an example: Gerald Green, best known for his ability to dunk the ball in a manner most pleasing to the human eye, found himself on a solo breakaway yesterday against the Pelicans. So, obviously, Green gently rolled the ball off his fingertips while standing under the basket for a textbook lay-up, worth two points.

Just kidding. He actually windmill dunked it so hard the floor appeared to change colors. Still worth two points though:

Of course, that was just some weird timing with what appears to be LED lighting in the arena. But wouldn’t you rather believe that Gerald Green’s dunks are magic? Isn’t that what “Life of Pi” is about?