Gerald Henderson Amazed Everyone, Including The Lakers Bench, With This Monster Dunk

  • Glenn Davis

Especially thunderous dunks – amazing plays in general, really – are usually met with an amazed bench reaction. Reactions like, say, this one from DeAndre Jordan. (Love that guy.) This amazed reaction, though, generally comes from one’s own teammates. A truly rare beast is the play that actually makes the other team involuntarily rise from their seats in deference to your awesomeness. So… Gerald Henderson, take a bow:

If you were understandably focused on Henderson’s acrobatics rather than the Lakers in the background, watch the above clip again, observe the way the guys at the end of the bench leap up when Henderson throws down… and then think, “I know you’re supposed to contain yourself when it’s the other team, but really, I can’t blame those guys.” Pulling off the Blake Griffin No-Rim Special when you’re several inches shorter than Griffin is no small feat.

The bad news, of course, is that on the Bobcats’ final possession with a chance to win, Henderson made a play that was amazing for a different reason, missing a layup that even upon multiple viewings had no earthly reason not to fall through the hoop, as best we could tell. The Highlight Gods giveth and the Highlight Gods taketh away, we suppose. Oh well – if you can’t beat ’em, awe ’em.