Glen “Big Baby” Davis Is Singing Again, And He’s Gon’ Turn You Up

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

So here’s a thing that happened: Orlando Magic center/forward Glen Davis wrote a song called “Big Baby Gon’ Turn It Up”. Ahead is a short, distorted clip of it. There’s not too much we can glean from it, but if we know anything about basketball players who foray into the music industry, it will be questionable.

The Orlando Magic could possibly be in for a long season, so there’s no blaming Big Baby for writing his own anthem with plans to air it out on the Amway Center speakers in hopes to pump him up whenever he does something beneficial. The Dwight-less Magic need every victory they can get, and maybe this is one of them.

Big Baby is no Dwight Howard, but he’s no Shaq either. And I don’t mean Shaq the basketball player.

[Ball Don’t Lie, Getty Images]