Golden State Warrior Kent Bazemore Records Motion Capture Bench Celebrations for NBA 2K14

  • Ricky Boebel

For a rookie that played 4.4 minutes a game, Kent Bazemore couldn’t have had a better season. He established himself as the best cheerleader in the league from the Warriors bench. He was relentless. No one celebrated more plays, no one stood up in anticipation more, no one touched his variety of moves. There were YouTube videos solely devoted to his bench antics.

Yesterday, he was rewarded with his own motion capture session at 2K Sports, the game developer that produces NBA 2K14. Finally the virtual NBA bench will have bench celebrations the audience will buy into. It’s too bad LeBron is on the cover this year, because Kent Bazemore on the box art would really show 2K’s commitment to new celebration technology.

Bazemore is set to become the first player in video game history whose player rating goes down after he takes the court. Let’s hope he doesn’t work too hard on his game this offseason, so we can see his cheerleading go to the next level in 2K15.