Gotta Be Illuminati: Here’s Brandon Jennings In A Pistons Jersey Almost 20 Years Ago

  • Eric Goldschein

Brandon Jennings is headed to Detroit, of all places, after the Pistons and Bucks agreed to a sign-and-trade deal for the 23-year-old point-guard-in-a-shooting-guard’s-mindset. The Pistons will pay Jennings $25 million over three years, while the Bucks receive Brandon Knight (a smaller, less proven version of the guy they traded away), Khris Middleton and Viacheslav Kravtsov.

Strange that the Bucks would trade one of their best players to a division rival. Strange, that is, until you see this:

Jennings is from California. What’s he doing with a Pistons jersey on? Did he know that one day he’d have his own Pistons jersey, given to him for free, by the team, with his name on it? Illuminati, anyone?

Other theories include: Grant Hill was awesome back the day and worthy of having his jersey purchased by kids everywhere; coincidence; Brandon Jennings is really good at Photoshop and did this himself, because it’s hipster to like Detroit before it became whatever you want to call the city of Detroit nowadays.