One TNT Graphic Shows Why Charles Barkley Is The Best Analyst In Basketball

  • Eric Goldschein

The NBA is back, and that means TNT’s fantastic “Inside the NBA” is also back. As a reminder: The last time we saw Charles, Kenny, Shaq and Ernie, they were pretty much going nuts, insulting each other and the “big ol’ women” of San Antonio.

Anyway, last night the guys revealed their picks for the Western Conference. Charles Barkley, as always, made a joke of it, refusing to pick anybody because he’s not an expert:

western conference predictions tnt

But is it really a joke? We at SportsGrid like to say that we’re not experts, because nobody is an expert. A self-proclaimed “expert” is just somebody willing to publicly take a side on an issue, and usually refuses to back down when they are proven wrong. Charles Barkley doesn’t play that. He’s a former NBA player, not an “expert,” and it’s madness to try to predict the playoff picture before a single game has been played. It’s just dart throwing.

Meanwhile, Kenny showed he’s a homer by putting the Rockets number one and Shaq showed he’s a super homer by putting his new team, the Kings, at number seven. Plus, Shaq apparently thinks that the NBA will allow Denver and Dallas to join forces and play as a single unit in the playoffs, or something.

Barkley occasionally makes thoughtful, interesting comments about the state of the game. He occasionally makes a mockery of it. That’s why he’s the best analyst in basketball — a self-admitted jester who knows the game as well as anybody. Hooray, the NBA (on TNT) is back!