What Goes Around, Goes Around, Goes Around, Comes Back Around: Blake Griffin Gets Dunked On

  • Eric Goldschein

We put a lot of video on this website of Blake Griffin dunking on, jumping over, posterizing and generally embarrassing his NBA peers. You know what you don’t see on this site a lot? Blake Griffin getting as good as he gives. But Markieff Morris spoke for all the Timofey Mozgovs of the world (“Take that!”, perhaps?) by dunking on Blake’s head Thursday night.

Luckily for Blake, this dunk was lost in the Madness of March and went generally unnoticed. But we see you, Markieff. And we wish we could hire Justin Timberlake to come on down and sing a few bars. “Should’ve known better when you came around, that you were gonna make me cry… What goes around, goes around, goes around comes all the back around.

He even uses the patented Blake Show “Let me put my hand on your shoulder to better throw this ball down into your face” technique. Classic.

[h/t The Hoop Scene]