OK, As Far As Marriage Proposals At Sports Events Go, This One Was Pretty Clever (UPDATE: No More Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Marriage proposals at sporting events happen often. They do not always end well. But they’re usually not, to our knowledge, executed as well as the one you see below, in which a halfcourt shot attempt is revealed to be an elaborate setup. Have you ever seen a basketball game proposal pulled off like this before? We can’t recall one, so, points for creativity:

UPDATE: The video has been taken down. Welp.

You’re running a risk here: for one, proposing not only in public but in front of a crowd of thousands. For another, you’ve just clearly set your girlfriend up to fail at something in front of that very same crowd of thousands (she didn’t look especially well-prepared for that shot). But you’ve also made damn sure she didn’t see it coming, and so long as she doesn’t mind the “in front of thousands of people” thing, you’ve set things up very nicely. Clearly, it worked out, so good job to all involved, good luck to the happy couple… and really good luck to anone hoping to find a creative way to propose at a sporting event now that that’s taken.

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