Harrison Barnes Smashes Nikola Pekovic For Early Dunk Of The Year Candidate

  • Joe Levine

This is just nasty.

In Pekovic’s defense, this was J.J. Barea’s fault. You can see him not picking up Barnes right before he gets the ball and smashes all over his teammate’s pumpkin head. Rotate, J.J., you tiny excuse for a basketball player! ROTATE.

Doesn’t make this any less filthy, though. As the top commenter on the video says: “This should be on BRAZZERS!”

To be fair to the rest of the “dunk of the year” field, and this may be a little unfair to Barnes, but Barnes loses points for smashing on such a bad defensive team. Like taking candy from a baby out there.

This play only happens because Minnesota is so horrible defensively. You gotta rotate after the double team, y’all. Especially if your only good defender (Andrei Kirilenko) is the one doing the doubling. That lane is so wide open, Barnes could’ve done a cartwheel on the way to the rim. Awful defense.

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