HE DON'T GOT GAME: Donald Sterling Explains His Racist Comments On Stiviano Recording As Attempt To Get In Her Pants

  • Jake O'Donnell

Clippers owner Donald Sterling makes the least compelling case for racism as an aphrodisiac on yet another leaked recording with an unidentified friend. Sounding distraught, Sterling still seems to be missing the point that he needs to apologize and stop justifying what he said. Here’s a sample of the two-minute audio obtained by Radar Online.

“Who the thinks anybody’s gonna tape something? The hell — I’m talking to a girl. The girl’s black. I like her. I’m jealous she’s with other black guys…I wish Magic Johnson was talking to a girl. You might say anything. You might say you have the biggest penis in the world…The next thing, three months later, what you said when you were hot when you were trying to get at her is released.”

The old “sweep her off her feet with insensitivity” tactic. Gotcha.

At the very end of this newest recording, Sterling suspiciously says “No one’s gonna hear it but you and me,” talking about the unnamed friend. Sounds to us like these calls might have been purposely leaked by Sterling’s camp for him to make his case without seeming contrived. Either way, they’re worth a listen, seeing as Sterling comes off as more like a creepy sexaholic billionaire than a angry bigot. (Not saying he isn’t that, as well, however.)

Do you believe his claim that the racism on the first tape were simply the words of desperate old man trying to convey how jealous he was? This writer does, though I don’t think that makes Donald Sterling any less of a racist. Generally speaking, having racially disparaging comments in your bag of pickup lines is a bad sign.