Heat And Bulls Refuse To Shake Hands At Tipoff, LeBron Gets Decked By Nazr Mohammed

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sometimes it seems as if Nate Robinson has anti-gravity properties. Case in point: he managed to stay in the air for the duration of LeBron’s flight to the rim, enough to surprise the MVP and easily stuff him. If Nate Rob wants a videogame avatar to compare himself to, he’s probably less NBA Jam and more Odd Job from Golden Eye.

And no, you still can’t play with him.

After he watched both teams awkwardly circle mid court before tipoff, Jeff Van Gundy told Mike Breen that he’d never seen two NBA teams not shake hands to start a game. Ever. And that includes the 1997 Knicks/Heat first round series where he was dragged across the floor by Alonzo Mourning.

Lucky for us bloodthirsty NBA fans, the icy pre-game amounted to a full-on royal rumble.

This series has all the makings of a bitter-feud-turned-all-out-war. After an unanticipated Game 1 loss at home, the Heat came out in Game 2 and responded with a how-dare-you 40-point butt whupping. All the while things have been snippy — lead by an awesomely vicious Joakim Noah and the always outspoken human-videogame Nate Robinson. Friday night things boiled over.

Like the time Nate Rob was power bombed by Chris Anderson, prompting Joakim Noah to go right at him. Nothing subtle about this act of aggression — just a real basketball player defending his teammate.

Then there was this explosive interaction between LeBron and Nazr Mohammed. Hard to say whose fault this all was, but it’d be fair to say both of them weren’t exactly turning the other cheek. Except when LeBron turned his cheek to launch himself back an extra 10 feet to exaggerate the retaliatory push by Mohammed. Bron was hit with a T for the elbow he threw.

Nazr was ejected, obviously.

The Heat pulled away in the 4th quarter in no small part to you-know-who, winning 104-94, taking a 2-1 series lead. In other news, Basketball is now unequivocally considered a brutal contact sport.