Heat Go Back To Basics: LeBron James And Mike Miller Have A Clothing-Optional Game 6

  • Ricky Boebel

lebron no headband
Last night’s epic Game 6 had a clear turning point: LeBron losing his headband.

Let’s begin with LeBron’s inspiration: Mike Miller. In one uninterrupted sequence Miller loses his shoe, attempts to put it back on, flings it at an assistant coach, hits a three pointer and forces commentator Mike Breen to yell “SHOES ARE OVERRATED” going into a commercial break. If you predicted that would happen before the game, you’re a liar.

Notice in the clip the enigma that is Mike Miller wears three layers of socks:

Just 90 seconds after the Miller three, LeBron went up for a dunk and Tim Duncan made the worst defensive play of the game by swiping his headband off. This is how championships are won and lost — LeBron didn’t give the it a second thought, he just ran back down the court without the headband and all the expectations that come with it.

LeBron sans headband was a different experience. It felt like we were watching his evil twin who loved going to the post and finishing easy lay-ups. He even blocked Tim Duncan as a thank you for releasing him from his own headband. Lebron went on to score 18 points in the fourth quarter and overtime to post a 32-10-11 triple-double for the game.

LeBron nearly broke Twitter last night. We were able to recover a few tweets:

So does LeBron wear the headband in Game 7? Yes, he does. I know the Internet would love for him to go headband-less, but this is a guy that won four MVP trophies wearing a headband. Basketball players are creatures of habit, they always warm-up the same, they always shoot the same and they always dress the same during games. Besides wearing the headband gives him something to throw off when he wants to go up a gear in the fourth quarter.

Headband don’t lie.

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