The Heat Are Just Doing Whatever The Hell They Want In Postgame Interviews Now

  • Glenn Davis

The Dwyane-Wade-less Heat extended their win streak to 26 games yesterday (as noted here), spotting the Bobcats an early 19-8 lead before manhandling them the rest of the way en route to a 109-77 blowout. Even without the services of one of the league’s best players, the Heat look nigh unstoppable (granted, the quality of the opponent surely had more than a bit to do with that last night), and the win streak itself has gotten so long that we’ve (or at least I’ve) now entered lose-track-of-how-many-games-it’s-been territory.

And when you’re playing at this high a level, when you have LeBron James at the height of his powers (32 points, eight rebounds, 10 assists, three blocks, three steals in 34 minutes last night), you can afford to goof around a bit. The Heat are – well, okay, one guy in particular is – known for goofing around during postgame interviews, and that was before the streak. Now? The Heat won’t just joke around during postgame interviews – they’ll practically reinvent them:

Count ’em – that’s no fewer than four (4) players involved in the shenanigans. That’s an all-time high as far as we can remember, as well as the first time we can recall Mike Miller getting involved. Also how about Wade’s suit there? It is, we suppose, very Miami. Does he have a future in TV? Also: admirable job by LeBron to (somewhat) keep a straight face as long as he did, before Bosh came in and blew the whole thing up. As God Himself is Bosh’s witness, he will not be left out of postgame dicking around. We can only imagine what the Heat have in store if they win 34 straight and break the Lakers’ record.