Welcome To Orlando: Glen Davis Dances Like A Wild Man, Confuses People With Fake Hedo Turkoglu

  • Eric Goldschein

A synopsis of this video is not entirely possible without sounding crazy, but here it goes. Fake Orlando Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu lotions up, heads to the beach, hypnotizes the real Glen Davis with pizza, and they both go dancing through the streets and golf courses of Orlando. You’re welcome.

Davis is either desperately missing the leadership and maturity of the Boston Celtics, or is letting off some steam after months of Dwight Howard rumors. Or maybe this is just what NBA players do when they don’t make the All-Star team.

This much is clear: Big Baby is no Shaq when it comes to breaking it down. But Fake Hedo isn’t much better, so at least they can hang out together and watch the game tonight with some of that tiny pizza.

[via The Basketball Jones]