Here Are LeBron’s Top Secret Wedding Invitations With Instructions To Burn After Reading

  • Zach Berger

Alright, they don’t really say that they should be burned after reading, but that isn’t too far from the truth. LeBron James is officially engaged to Savannah Brinson and the wedding date is set, but we can’t give you any more details. That’s because LeBron didn’t give his guests any more details on his super secret classified Level 5 security clearance wedding invitations.

The invitation reads:

We’re delighed to be getting married and would love for you to celebrate with us. The ceremoney will take place on Saturday afternoon, the fourteenth of September, two thousand and thirteen. The evening will continue with cocktails, dinner and dancing. Our fingers are crossed that you’ll be able to attend.

With love,
Savannah and LeBron

But that’s all it says. Instead of an RSVP card, the next page provides a phone number for the invitees to call for more information, seen on the right side of the picture above.

Here’s another look at the invites:

While we can’t be certain, the invitations probably weren’t meant to be sold to TMZ by someone that LBJ considers close enough to invite to his wedding. Oh well.