Here We Go Again With The Pokémon Sports Thing: 32 NBA Teams Get Poké’d

  • Jake O'Donnell

Not long ago, Japan decided to pair with Sony and everyone’s favorite little yellow mouse in an unprecedented marketing partnership worth tens of millions of dollars. We then tried to figure out which Pokémon would be best for the remaining 31 World Cup nations — and it seemed as if the entire internet descended upon SportsGrid to argue on our message boards and email us complaints about how wrong we were.

We had no idea what we had gotten into.

Now Imgur user “musclesmicah” has gone and jumped the Gyarados by redesigning EVERY NBA TEAM’S LOGO WITH A POKÉMON TWIST (and two defunct franchises). Seriously, some even have the actual cities changed to their Pokémon universe counterparts (New York is obviously Saffron City). Some are just moves or abilities certain Pokémon possess. Others are just nicknames for Pokémon.

Most are better than their original designs, unfortunately.

But the logos are a rather brilliant (though arbitrary and completely useless) blending of franchise emblems and the world’s most famous anime empire. We’re sure you’ll like these just as much as you liked the

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