Here’s A Guy Protesting The Ku Klux Klan With A “Dwight Power” Sign

  • Dylan Murphy

Why yes, this is a guy dressed up as a clown holding a “Dwight Power” sign. He was attending a counter-protest to a National Socialist and Klu Klux Klan rally in Charlotte, North Carolina – the basic premise being that they would counter the KKK with silliness, because KKK hate speech shouldn’t be taken seriously. Thus, Dwight Power.

He really is powerful these days though, dethroning two head coaches and weaseling his way onto the most talented team in the league (supposedly). And look at that smile – he’s really happy with himself. It’s good to be Dwight, basically.

You can check out the CNN video here. (The Dwight Howard sign is at the :35 mark.)

[CNN, via @TrueHoop]