Here’s How Phoenix (Might Have) Said Goodbye To Steve Nash

  • Glenn Davis

Steve Nash is one of the best Suns ever. He’s won two MVPs with the team, led them to the playoffs five times, recorded seven seasons with double-digit assist averages, and remains a remarkably productive player even at age 38. But he might not remain a Sun for much longer. Nash is a free agent this summer, and his return to Phoenix isn’t a sure thing – nor should it be. The Suns don’t look like a championship contender anytime soon, and despite playing like he’s ageless, Nash is running out of time to win one. If, say, the Heat come calling, why wouldn’t he listen?

Well, maybe Nash just feels too indebted to Suns fans. After all, Suns fans sure sound indebted to him. With Nash on the bench midway through the fourth quarter of the Suns’ season-ending 110-106 loss to the Spurs last night, the Suns’ home crowd did this:

They wanted Steve, and eventually they got him:

If that was the end of Nash’s Suns career, it’s bittersweet, but ends a great run all the same. And for Nash’s sake, we kind of hope he can pull a Ray Bourque and catch on with a team with legitimate title hopes as his career hits its late stages. But if he does elect to ride things out with the Suns, at least we know there will be no shortage of love for him from the locals.

Videos by CJ Fogler.