Here's How The Cleveland Cavaliers Get Kevin Love Without Giving Up Andrew Wiggins

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sign and trade Kyrie Irving. There, we said it. That’s the only way this thing gets done without Maple Jordan being moved. It’s not that crazy of an idea, either. He averages the same amount of points per game as Isaiah Thomas, he’s a weak defender (the Cavs give up more points when he’s on the floor) and proven to be a malcontent when the going gets tough.

Would you trade that (plus a future pick) for Kevin Love if you got to keep a lockdown defender with infinite upside? Whatever the Cleveland Cavaliers do, they MUST make the best offer for Kevin Love.

Love will be 26 years old by the time the 2014-15 NBA season kicks off. LeBron will be 30 in December. Without making an unreasonably bold prediction regarding the future of Andrew Wiggins — who is 19 — one would assume that the three-time all-star would be a more prudent direction for the Cleveland Cavaliers, given their dearth at the position and timetable for winning a championship.

The last place LeBron wants to be is on the other side of his prime, waiting to make good on his promise to northeast Ohio. If the Cavs can’t work out a deal for Love this offseason, the next four years might not be kind to the king, despite the relative upside of Andrew Wiggins and Kyrie’s supposed superstar status.

Oh, and this tweet below? Ya that’s complete bullshit unless it means Kyrie Irving is on the table. Ain’t nothing off limits in the NBA.

So what’s holding up a trade between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Cavs? The short answer is their reluctance to dish Wiggins, Waiters, and two first round picks. The longer answer is that the Cavs are looking for creative ways to make this trade package hurt a little less, mulling over trading Kyrie, and figuring out if Love would silently agree to sign next offseason.

The Timberwolves, meanwhile, are fielding offers from the other Love suitors. Like Houston…

The Cavaliers’ hand is forced if they want to act now: send Wiggins or Irving to Minnesota. They know you can’t just trade for a max star and not get robbed. Obviously the ideal manner to acquire another star would be to sign a few veterans to one-year deals now, then pick up Love next summer (something he’s open too). By then the Cavs will have more than enough room to sign him, when they’ll have team options on Anthony Bennett and Dion Waiters.

However, that assumes that a team like Houston won’t swoop in and make a deal with the T-Wolves while the Cavaliers are waiting to get him for free. It’s a game of free agency chicken. If they get too greedy, Love might end up in L.A. or Golden State next July 1st, leaving both franchises with nothing but regrets. If they’re smart, they’ll get this thing done before the 2014-15 season starts — even if it means trading a proven player like Irving.

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Photo via Howling Wolf