Here’s The List Of NBA Personnel Donating To Presidential Campaigns

  • Dylan Murphy

Sports and politics may be separate, except when Barack Obama is inviting NBA All-Stars to play at the White House, or Paul Ryan is earning Cleveland’s trust by supporting “Brendan Wheaton.” The diligent folks over at HoopsHype have compiled a list of every presidential campaign contribution made by NBA personnel – players, coaches, staff and owners. Here it is:

Conclusion: rich, white owners are donating to the Romney campaign and young, black men (We’re just going to lump Gregg Popovich, Mike Dunlap and Adam Silver into this category, and you’re not going to say anything.) are throwing money Obama’s way. This seems about right.

Also, who knew Aaron McKie was still, like, you know, alive? Where’s Eric Snow?

[HoopsHype, via The Big Lead]