Here’s Two Women At The Hawks-Magic Game Whaling On Each Other

  • Dylan Murphy

Hard to tell what’s going on here, exactly: there’s the woman in pink, a blonde sitting a row behind and a security official at the Hawks-Magic game on Saturday night. Something happened that has the woman in pink on her feet and pointing an angry finger at the blonde. Then, the calm before the storm: everyone sits down, no pointing, no yelling. The security guard addresses the blonde now, and she and her beau eventually stand up to leave. But on their way out of the row, chaos. The woman in pink starts whaling on the blonde, the blonde whales back, and the cameraman starts hooting like a crazy person.

It’s pretty hard to get that worked up over the Magic or Hawks these days, so we’ll assume the fight was about something else. (Skip to 1:40 for the fight.)