Awesomeness Breaks Out At Westboro Baptist Church NBA Counter-Protest

  • Rick Chandler

The clownsticks who call themselves the Westboro Baptist Church protested outside of the Oklahoma City Thunder playoff game on Wednesday, and as you can see, their message hasn’t changed much. But the counter protests are getting more and more creative, which is good for us.

This time Westboro’s merry band of funsters were picketing Chesapeake Energy Arena because Jason Collins is gay, which means the NBA is gay and the world is doomed. (Sgt. Hulka: “Lighten up, Francis.”).

Many say that if the media just ignores WBC, they’ll dry up and blow away. But it’s almost worth putting up with their occasional homophobic signage and hate mongering to be treated to the counter-protesting signs. Like these:

Well played, folks.

And note to Westboro: what does it say about you when your entire movement can be confined to a 10-foot-square area of caution tape?