His Boys Can Swim Again! New Wife Tells Michael Jordan To Get His Vasectomy Reversed

  • Rick Chandler

Yep, Michael Jordan is married, all right. First his new wife wouldn’t let him play golf, and now this.

According to Jose Lambiet’s Miami-based site Gossip Extra, Michael Jordan is getting his vasectomy reversed at the insistence of his new bride, Yvete Prieto.

A source close to Jordan tells me His Airness agreed to undergo a vasectomy reversal at his new wife’s urging.

“That was part of the deal of them getting married,” said a source close to the Charlotte Bobcat, the NBA team owned by Jordan. “Yvette was pretty adamant about having children with Mike. He had the vasectomy as his first marriage ended.”

Officially, Jordan has three adult children with ex-wife Juanita Vanoy: Former University of Central Florida basketball players Jeffrey and Marcus Jordan, 24 and 22; and daughter Jasmine, a Syracuse University student.

Let’s go right to the dry-erase board and diagram this play!

Vasectomy reversal:

As you know, Jordan and Prieto were married on April 27 in Palm Beach: an affair for 1,500 guests that cost a paltry $10 million. The wedding boasted the world’s largest tent, a claim for which I call bullshit. But anyway.

Other things that amuse me: a PR person whose job it is to deny that her client had a vasectomy.

Estee Portnoy, Jordan’s spokeswoman in D.C., denied he had a vasectomy, or reversal. But she wouldn’t comment on the retired ball player’s future plans when it comes to ninos.

They’d better get moving if they want to have a girl and marry it off to the Royal Baby.

Photo: Getty Images.