Holy Crap, There's Gonna Be Three NBA Game 7's On Saturday

  • Rick Chandler

So how are we supposed to feel now that the Warriors have forced a Game 7 with the Clippers on Saturday? I mean, do we root for Los Angeles, whose players and coaches have been put in such a tough position? Or do we root against Donald Sterling, who is almost certainly watching the games at home in his hot tub with various mistresses, playing Battleship with empty vodka bottles during time outs? That’s a dilemma. I say put all of that out of your mind and let the best team win.

The Warriors shot only 39 percent from the floor on Thursday and still ground out a 100-99 win, tying their series at 3 apiece. Meanwhile, it was Pacers 95, Hawks 88; and Thunder 104, Grizzlies 84, giving us two more Game 7’s on Saturday. Three other series are currently at 3-2. And so …

Yep, never before in NBA Playoff history have there been three Game 7’s on the same day. Adam Silver, you’ve done it again.