Houston Rockets Forward Terrence Jones Stomped A Homeless Person Last Night

  • Ricky Boebel

terrence jones

After a night on the town some people like to go McDonald’s, while others go straight to bed. For Terrence Jones, a night out isn’t over until he stomps on a homeless person.

At 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, a policeman spotted Jones walking out of a Portland nightclub. According to the sergeant, he proceeded to walk up to a homeless person sleeping in a doorway, yell “wake up” and stomp on his leg. The homeless man did not need medical attention from the blow, but Jones was still charged with harassment.

This action seems rather harsh by Jones, a local, who you would expect to be more friendly to the city’s homeless population. But maybe he was trying to help the less fortunate man. By “wake up,” he might have meant “get up out of this doorway because doorways aren’t a comfortable place to sleep.” The leg stomp was simply an example of things that tend to happen when sleeping in a doorways.

Terrence Jones: Late Night Social Worker.