How To Become The Coolest Balloon-Sculptor Guy At Your School: Do This

  • Eric Goldschein

What, you don’t think “coolest” and “balloon-sculptor guy” can go together? Well then, you haven’t met Joel Zae, a BYU student who made a life-sized Lebron James out of balloons in about six hours. How long would that take you to do — your entire life, and then some? That’s why Joel is the coolest balloon-sculptor around.

This time-lapse video of a man constructing a balloon model, checking his phone, eating pizza and doing some more balloon constructing isn’t the most exciting — but the pay-off, where LeBron James is brought to life, looking as sinewy and awe-inspiring as he’ll ever look, is actually worth it.

We have to hand it to this representative of the BYU student body: you done good. Remember when Brandon Davies was suspended by the Brigham Young basketball team for having pre-marital sex with his girlfriend? It makes a little more sense now — look at how much these kids learn when they’re not distracted by the prospect of getting laid. Now, this guy can go out into the world and make all kinds of balloon animals/basketball superstars, and can look back on his days (and long, long, long nights) at BYU and think “Well, that was worth it.”


h/t Off The Bench