Gilbert Arenas Goes On A Surprisingly Informative Twitter Rant About Basketball Wives

  • Ben Axelrod

Orlando Magic guard and noted misogynistic tweeter Gilbert Arenas woke up this morning and proclaimed today a boring Sunday, but thanks to an improvised twitter binge full of relationship advice and superhero analogies, it’s been anything but that.

Arenas, whose ex-fiancee Laura Govan was announced as a cast member of the next season of Basketball Wives, was apparently watching the show when he fired off the following tweets regarding his ex’s future role on the show (BM=baby mama. I think).

for everybody talkin about my BM on that tv show..i dont care what she does..if she gets a job i play less money to her(SMART THINKER HERE)

most players dont know that.. 1 they cant lie about u on tv u can sue the show 2 if they hav a job it lowers ur pay…so let them work

trust me my name wont be said like u think remember a lady named shaunie many times did she kill shaq…ummmmmm none.(LAWSUIT)lol

Arenas then encouraged Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, who prevented his ex, Allison Mathis, from appearing on the show, to rethink his stance.

so chris bosh let ur ex work the show….let them run around tellin how they USED to live and throw water in each other face…

All of this baby mama talk then inspired Arenas to dispense some personal advice to potential future groupies.

heres reality to my ladies out there when u hav a baby by a baller..yeah ur paid good when hes playin but when he is done them checks go

down for 20gs to 2gs..yall heard tammy she was on them food stamps..its save ya money ladies its not forever like u think

Then as only he can, Agent Zero used a superhero analogy to advise women on how to take part in a successful relationship with a ballplayer.

if im batman your not robin..robin dont listen to batman…robin wants to be the star too..u be alfred..u control everything but ur nt known

Despite the misspellings and poor grammar, Arenas’ rant was actually very enlightened and provided a glimpse of the comical and self-aware (almost to a fault) version of Arenas that helped make him a fan favorite when he was in Washington. Arenas is right, a relationship won’t work if one of its participants is trying to inexplicably share the spotlight with their much more famous counterparts, and perhaps that’s the reason Basketball Wives features very few wives, and many more exes.