If LaMarcus Aldridge Crashed His Car More Often, He’d Be The NBA MVP

  • Dylan Murphy

In February of 2012, LaMarcus Aldridge was on his way to a home game against the Denver Nuggets at the Rose Garden when his 2009 black Ferrari was struck by a 2003 Toyota. Aldridge didn’t miss the game, however, and ended up having quite the night: 29 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists later, he had led the Trail Blazers to a 117-97 victory. Yes, yes, causation vs. correlation, thought still worth a mention.

But wait! Now there’s this, via The Oregonian:

“On Monday, Aldridge said he was in his 2013 Mercedes Benz – a car he purchased less than a week ago. “I don’t even have plates on it yet,’’ Aldridge said.

He was turning left on Broadway when a car coming eastbound off the Broadway Bridge made a right turn. Aldridge said he had a green arrow, but the eastbound car did not stop.

“The arrow was green, I had a whole lot of time – it wasn’t like I was trying to go fast through the light,’’ Aldridge said. “I saw this car pulling up to turn right and I know he should have seen me, but he didn’t stop. My car has those Benz lights, which are really bright, and he said he didn’t see me. He was an older guy – I don’t know if he should be driving right now. I was right in front of him and he said he didn’t see me. So that’s scary.’’”

Cut to a few hours later, Portland tipping off against Orlando. The game went to overtime, but the Trail Blazers pulled it out 125-119, due in large part to Aldridge’s 27 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists. So that be would twice, that car crash = great performance. As The Basketball Jones notes, LaMarcus Aldridge would likely be the MVP if he crashed his car before every single regular season game – pending his survival, of course. And though we can’t necessarily wish for Aldridge to find himself in a heap of metal, we wouldn’t bat an eye at a few fender-benders.

Historically, the success of Aldridge’s crash-to-riches formula remains a mystery. Lamar Odom’s career went into a tailspin following his involvement in a fatal car crash. Jason Kidd is having one of his best seasons in recent memory after drunkenly driving his car into a pole. Zach Randolph was in a minor car crash the day of a game against the Los Angeles Clippers last year, and he only posted 10 points and 12 boards later that evening. And let’s not forget about Lance Stephenson, who had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 17 minutes after he rear-ended another car.

All of which is to say, well, we don’t know. But this whole thing, crashing your car for MVP trophies, it’s kind of neat.

[The Oregonian, via The Basketball Jones]