In His Last NBA Draft As Commissioner, David Stern Trolled Like A Champ

  • Eric Goldschein

This time next year there will be a new NBA commissioner. David Stern, who has headed the league since 1984, will step down in February 2014, making this NBA Draft his last.

Stern has what we’ll call a complicated legacy. Basically: some like him, some do not like him. And it’s become something of a tradition to boo him mercilessly during the draft — the one night where fans from all around the league are within spitting distance of #TeamStern. It’s been happening for so long, it’s unclear whether they do it more out of genuine dislike for the guy or grudging respect. (Probably the former.)

But this was Stern’s last draft, so he milked it for all it was worth. And by that I mean he trolled the shit out of the crowd. This GIF sums up the entire night (sans the actual draft picks, of course):

Here he is after just two picks (via TNLP):

By the middle of the first round, he started fanning the flames even higher:

Those pauses — they’re amazing. Just drinking it all in, every second of the (faux?) hate. In fact, here’s a supercut of Stern’s first round pauses (via All Ball):

We’ll never get a chance to boo this man so loudly, right to his face, again. It’s the end of an era, folks. Time to start booing Adam Silver.

BONUS: The NBA put together a retrospective of Stern at the draft over the last 30 years. Worth it for the looks NBA stars when they were young and foolish: