In Which One Of My Friends Is Disturbed At 1 a.m. By Washington Wizards Players Pounding On His Hotel Room Door

  • Rick Chandler

If you know me, then you know that I’m not really a Ritz-Carlton type of guy. More like the Holiday Inn. But some of my friends roll a different way, and one was in the Ritz on Tuesday night, in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Now this friend is not much of an NBA fan, and when I say “not much”, I mean he can’t tell the difference between the Washington Wizards and the Miami Heat. In his defense, however, they weren’t wearing uniforms when this “incident” occurred. The posts below are from my friend’s Facebook page:

Jim Guida
The Washington Wizards may suck at basketball, but they are champion assholes as they strut down the hotel hall here in New Orleans at midnight, talking loudly and banging on hotel room doors.

Jim Guida
I poked my head out and said, “Gentleman, it’s after midnight. Could you keep it down?” That’s as far as I’m going in confronting six large, muscled athletes. Whom I just called “assholes” on Facebook. Millionaire punks is all I see.

Hahaha. Somehow, this comes to mind:

Then, confusion surfaces.

Jim Guida
My mistake and apologies to the Wizards. It was the Miami Heat. Another reason to dislike Florida. And I stand by everything else I said.

An investigation is launched. An apology for the apology is quickly distpatched:.

Jim Guida
It was, in fact , the Wizards. Again, apologies. I met a young man in the elevator and chastised him greatly for his team mate’s rude behavior. The sweet kid – all seven feet of him – took it all in good humor. Okay, but the rest were punks.
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It could have been John Wall. Jim would not have recognized, him, believe me.

So some Wizards players, having arrived Tuesday night for their game tonight against the Pelicans today (Miami had beaten New Orleans, 107-88, earlier Tues. evening) were walking down the halls at the Ritz-Carlton banging on random doors and generally whooping it up. My friend Jim explains his old man, Abe Simpson objections to this:

“It was after midnight, I had to get up early for work. I called down to the lobby to complain (Ed. note: yes he really did this), and they told me it was the Wizards. But looking in the paper, it said the Pelicans were playing the Heat.

“Then this morning I saw one of the players in the elevator, and he said he played for the Wizards. There was a small blonde woman in the elevator with us, so pointed to her and said: “Next time she’s going to kick your ass.”

For the record, luckily, the unnamed Wizards’ player laughed at that.