Indiana Wants All-Star Game So Badly They Crammed Larry Bird Into An Indy Car

  • Rick Chandler

Larry Bird drove the streets of New York City today in an Indy car because:

1. The sweep has taken its toll. Sad, really.

2. He was delivering the Indianapolis 2021 All-Star Game bid.

3. Uber strike.

4. Batmobile in the shop.

Leslie Knope now ha a new photo for her wall.

The last time the All-Star game was played in Indianapolis, Bird played in it — as did Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That would be 1985, and they are here to say they want it back. So Bird, against type, engaged in some showmanship and delivered the bid to Adam Silver in this.

Opened in 1999, Bankers Life Fieldhouse has never played host to a really big national event, unless you count Paul McCartney’s sold-out show during his Out There! Tour in 2013. It’s about time that changed, says the Indiana All-Star Bid Committee.


“We haven’t had it since ’85 and we look forward to getting back in the mix and having the All-Star Game, not only for our fans but for our state. We’re built on basketball, that’s all we have there that makes us happy — there’s a lot of things that makes up happy but basketball’s one. Just having the opportunity to have the All-Star Game is just great for Indiana.”

He said the big drawback to driving the car was operating the small pedals with his big feet.