Internet Tries To Decode LeBron’s Latest Tweet

Internet Tries To Decode LeBron’s Latest Tweet
  • Jake O'Donnell

No one knew exactly what to make of it when the Cavaliers fired their GM David Griffin on Monday, including one LeBron “I’m sure he has a middle name” James, who issued one of his famously cryptic tweets on the subject.

Of course, this tweet might only be cryptic because we’re so prone to reading into everything LeBron does, so it could very well be a red herring. Perhaps LeBron James was simply issuing a goodbye to the man who help put together Cleveland’s first pro sports championship in 50-something years. According to Rachel Nichols, that’d be a naive assumption.

Brian Windhorst would agree…

Others still think it may have had something to do with the pieces Cleveland was willing to deal for an offseason upgrade after getting trounced by the Warriors in the Finals. Maybe Griffin wasn’t willing/able to pull the trigger on something like this?

Some anonymous commenter named “Skip Bayless” suggested that maybe LeBron actually wanted Griffin fired — either because he couldn’t bring the right talent in or because he thought someone out there was better suited for the job — meaning Bron’s tweet was a smokescreen.

Lastly, we come to Adrian Wojnarowski, who seems to think that Griffin’s dismissal might be a move toward placating head coach Tyron Lue — and in the process, James himself — by adding yet another former player to the Cavs managerial staff.

Suffice it to say that, whatever the motivation behind the firing, the optics are that Dan Gilbert is flexing his ownership muscle. Maybe he’s resigned to the possibility that LeBron is as good as gone when his contract ends in 2018, so he’s no longer taking orders from him. Hey, it’s happened before — can’t blame the guy for thinking he’ll bolt for some tropical superteam once again.

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