Is Chris Bosh Playing In Game 3 Or Not?

  • Glenn Davis

We tried to warn you. We told you after this that Chris Bosh’s trolling skills have become too advanced, and that action must be taken to stop him before this progresses any more. And did you listen? Well, we hope so, because now Bosh has brought a new potential troll into the world and… okay, just kidding, this photo Bosh’s wife Adrienne posted earlier today of her husband and their new baby is actually great:

OK, you won us over with that one. Congrats, Chris. And now, the question becomes: with that life-altering event over, will he actually be able to play in Game 3 of the Heat’s first round playoff series against the Knicks tonight? That possibility was in serious doubt for a while, but now it looks like maybe he’ll be back in time to play after all. The official line on him now is “game time decision,” and whatever that decision is will have big implications for tonight’s game – and, potentially, the Knicks-Heat series.

For one, there’s the matter of the betting line (check here, if you’re into that sort of thing), for you dirty dirty gamblers out there. Whether Bosh plays or not might impact how much money you might want to lay down, and which team you’d like to lay it down on. Since we won’t be 100 percent certain of Bosh’s status until the game starts, maybe the line won’t change very much, but obviously everyone controlling that line will keep a close eye on Bosh’s status.

But more than that: tonight is the Knicks’ last chance to make this a competitive series. The Heat’s 2-0 lead is commanding, but if they go up 3-0, it’s as good as over. The Amar’e-less Knicks have to win tonight, and not having to match up with Bosh would be a start. Beating a team with both LeBron and Wade is still a tall task – especially since the Knicks just aren’t that great, and truthfully there’s no way we can imagine them winning this series unless LeBron starts missing games too – but a Heat lineup sans Bosh makes it a bit more plausible. Whatever happens tonight, though, safe to say Bosh has had a pretty good day.