Is Kent Bazemore The Michael Jordan Of The NBA Summer League?

  • Ricky Boebel

It’s what every child in america dreams of: Playing in the Las Vegas NBA Summer League and winning it all. Kent Bazemore realized that dream Monday and needless to say it was emotional.

Last night, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Phoenix Suns, 91-77, to win the first inaugural Las Vegas Summer League Championship. Warrior Kent Bazemore took home tournament MVP honors on Golden State’s undefeated 7-0 run to the title.

Is this the start of the first Summer League Dynasty? It all depends on whether the Warriors can commit to mediocrity. Golden State should be resting players like Bazemore during the NBA season. If they can keep their young nucleus of players at a talented yet unpolished level, they’ll have more Jordan momentsto come. You know what they say: Winning your second Summer League title is twice as hard as winning your first. The work or lack thereof starts here.

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