Ivan Johnson's Tryin' Real Hard To Be The Shepherd (NSFW)

  • David Young

Jules Winnfield

Ivan Johnson’s comeback to the NBA derailed when he dropped an f-bomb on a referee during a D-League game. Actually, he threw it more than he dropped it. Johnson is no LeBron James. No one parks a camera crew on his lawn when he changes teams, something that happens a lot when you have a hair-trigger temper and no filter.

His basketball career “started” when he played for four different colleges and got kicked off the squad at Oregon because his coach felt he had “anger issues.” Uh, duh. After college he played in the NBA’s D-league and then went to Korea, where he got himself “banned forever” for flipping off a ref (wonder if that was a North Korean league?).

He finally made it to the NBA in 2011, playing for the Hawks for a couple of years, but along the way flashed those anger issues and that magic middle finger. He then went to China (this guy should be called for traveling, hey!), likely setting relations back to before the Opium Wars. Now, he’s back in the NBA D-League with Dallas trying to make the pros one more time. He recently said in an interview that to get to the NBA he’d have to, well, watch at the 1:00 mark.

But apparently, the only person he’s going to fuck is himself. In a game against Charlotte, Johnson got tossed for doing his best Jules Winnfield imitation:

In case you couldn’t make that out, he said “Really, Motherfucker?” to the ref. Wow, I don’t even do that at the Y. Look, you may think you’re the big Royale with Cheese, but you still don’t get to talk to a ref that way. Not in Korea. Not in China. Not in the NBA.

Oh wait, that may not be a problem for you, Ivan.

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