J.R. Smith Gave A Surprisingly Mature And Candid Interview About Sucking During The Pacers-Knicks Series (VIDEO)

  • Eric Goldschein

Sixth Man of the Year and long-time headache J.R. Smith hasn’t played well since he elbowed Jason Terry in the mouth and got suspended for one game. His playoff numbers are down in nearly every statistical category from the regular season:

Points per game
Regular Season: 18.1
Postseason: 14.3

Field goal percentage
Regular Season: ,422
Postseason: .336

3 point percentage
Regular Season: .356
Postseason: .283

Assists per game
Regular Season: 2.7
Postseason: 1.1

And so on.

With rumors flying that Smith still spends too much time partying, clubbing, getting chicks or dying trying, it would be easy to call the guy an immature dickhead who isn’t taking this shit seriously — just as an example.

But at least Smith isn’t running from the criticism. Here’s what he had to say after Game 4 last night (in which he shot 7-22 from the field):

Cliffnotes: “I take the blame for this whole series…I haven’t been playing my part. I’ve been letting my teammates down. I’ve been letting my coaches down.”

“I have to play more efficient… It’s unacceptable.”

Anybody who ever thought J.R. Smith could take the blame like that, please raise your hand? Thought so.

Unfortunately for the Knicks, accepting the blame for sucking cannot be exchanged for a playoff series win. They’ll need to actually stop sucking, for three straight games, if they want to survive Indiana.