Jalen Rose Thinks Dwight Howard Is Headed To The Houston Rockets, And His Reasoning Is Solid

  • Eric Goldschein

In Jalen Rose’s mind, there are only two possible destinations for Dwight Howard this summer: his current team, the L.A. Lakers, or the Houston Rockets. And you know what? If you ask him to pick one, he’s going with Houston. Based on what we know now, we can’t disagree.

After somewhat contradicting himself on the issue of money (he says he would play for any team — like the Bobcats — for $100 million, but then says players don’t necessarily factor in the extra year/extra money situation that their current team can provide them), Rose goes on to compare the Rockets and Lakers rosters — and frankly, on paper, the Rockets do seem like a better fit.

Playing alongside James Harden, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik? Those are all relatively young players on the rise. As opposed to a potentially hobbled Kobe Bryant, the ghost of Pau Gasol (for what is likely only a year), Metta World Peace and… Antawn Jamison? Earl Clark?

Also, Howard is a fun-loving guy. This kind of thing seems like the perfect fit for him. The glare of the L.A. spotlight does not.

Anyway, let’s watch Rose break it down: